Makers and shapers of beauty, Delabre & Faraco is a French brand of technical accessories aimed at beauty professional, made accessible to all.

“We are but one*” is the translation of the Latin proverb. In effect, the essence of the brand is around a synergistic vision of beauty. D&F accessories are designed and made as an extension to the creation of cosmetics and complementary to technical work. Its philosophy is a commitment to the highest standards for both professionals and consumers.

With its exceptional high-end range of products, its vision is rooted in values that restore an art form. Its collections are underscored by classical know-how for the modern world and made up of products that are not merely accessories, but rather tools of unparalleled precision that benefit from a know-how which values details as essential, with real added value and genuine creativity.

Immersion in the Delabre & Faraco concept.

The D&F Brand

To respond to the requirements of beauty professionals, makeup artists, hair salons, beauty spas, barbers, hairdressing studios, … and all lovers of beauty – this is the brand’s mission. More than a world of products, it is a concept: the Delabre & Faraco collections are underscored by an identity and strong core values.

Technicity & Innovation

D&F stands out for a unique style energised by an insatiable appetite for innovation and is the culmination of intensive field research and laboratory testing. Highly developed knowledge of the world of beauty products and strong relationships with beauty professionals have enabled the company to create a range of unparalleled precision products. Every aspect of our work is the result of thorough research, from concept originality to practical ergonomy, with the aim of marrying technical prowess, user comfort and efficiency.

French Know-how

Two designers, Jean-Marc Delabre and Vincent Faraco who made of their names an emblem of “Made in France”, are the source of the brand’s creativity and inspiration. Through D&F, their focus is the very heart of the work of the beauty professional. They infuse the brand with their authentic style, unconventional thinking, and a shared philosophy based on plain common sense. Beyond a technical dimension, they are also keen to integrate into all of their accessories the value of respect – for skin, for hair, for Mother Earth and mankind.

Design & Prestige

D&F accessories are of exceptional quality. Professional tools, they are moreover high-end beautiful objects that are beautifully made with values that are at the very core the company’s identity.

Quality Customer Service

Customised follow-up and technical product support are built into the brand’s DNA via trainings, notably aimed at beauty professionals.

Total Beauty Care

The same stringent requirement for precision, technicity and quality underscores all the different competencies that make up total beauty care: makeup, manicures, hair styling and cuts, and barber crafts.

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